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Liberation from Satanic Practices

Liberation from Satanic Practices


There is a great number of satanic secret societies around the world which members have sold their souls to the devil to become successful. Others use their power to control society, while others are used as pawns by the shadowy group to brainwash the population and deliver its messages – or so the bloggers and internet nuts would have us believe. This is happening everyday.

Since its creation in 1966, also the Church of Satan has attracted a wide variety of people of different levels in society. Many are the church’s proud members, though there are those who are also tired of living a life without peace and wish to be liberated from Satan.

If you are someone who wants to stop Satan controlling your life, we’re here to help. Pastor Karen Rajabian has gone through many years of preparation and experience to help you be liberated from the power of Satan. Here you can read how she goes about performing spiritual liberations.

If you cannot come to us, we will come to you wherever you are. While we do not charge for our services, we do require that traveling expenses, meals as well as hotel and transportation expenses be provided.

Please book a time to speak to us about this powerful event.